UPC Citizen Science Portal

Collaborate in the rehabilitation of Barcelona's Raval

If you live in the neighborhood, filling out a survey for the project Co-disseny i co-fabricació de solucions al Raval.

Notify when you see snow on road

Through the Carretera Nevada campaign of the ANYWHERE project.

Notify if you see a landslide

Through Twitter, using #esllavicat

Experience an immersive virtual reality environment

Through the doctoral thesis of Àlex Ríos at UPC's Virtual Reality Center.

Discover SDGs exploring the forest

Through the activities for high school students that organizes the project BOSC i Sostenibilitat of the UPC's Nature Resources Exploratory.

Monitor your physiological parameters

Through the prototype of a multiparametric electronic scale developed at the Instrumentation, Sensors and Interfaces Group.

Measure the health of your cardiovascular system

Through the Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Status Assessment Device (NICVA), aimed at people with cardiovascular risk.

Identify deepsea animals

Through the live streaming transmission of the submarine camera installed in the Garraf shore by the OBSEA Observatory.

Connect with minority diseases patients and their relatives

Through the network created by the SHARE4RARE project.