Divulgation material

The Citizen Science Revolution

TEDx talk from Leesa Ricci, director of the Southern Utah Space Foundation.

Citizen science, everybody counts

TEDx talk of PhD Caren Cooper, professor at the Statal University of North Carolina and a citizen science reference.

Tips for a good citizen science project

  1. Contact and meet the citizens that are going to star the project before writing it.

  2. Apply for little calls as a pilot before going to bigger ones.

  3. Being onto the field and participating in local events is what generates the most engagement. Don't allow that audience percieve your project as something far from their interests. Civic equipements, congresses, schools, etc.

  4. Give something back (look after) to the participants to keep a high commitement: constant information about the project, access to privileged contents or events, gifts, draws, certificates, gamifications with reward systems...

extracted from PhD Rosa Arias LiveTalk, CEO and founder of Science for Change.