Technical resources

Ten principles of citizen science

by the European Citizen Science Association.

The Science of Citizen Science

This open access book published on 2021 by Springer offers a wide spectrum of citizen science papers. Research groups from many countries have joint efforts in this work, among which there is Open Systems from Universitat de Barcelona.

Society, science and engagement

Interactive e-book which provides and introduction to public engagement in research and innovation, as well as useful tools and good practices to engage society in research, both in the decision-making processes and the research activities. Written by the Engage 2020 project.

RRI Tools searcher

Applying RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation) concepts and strategies in particular contexts and within specific areas. By the European RRITools project.

White Paper on Citizen Science

By the Socientize project of the European Comission.

The Open Science training book

By the european project Foster Open Science.

Communication in Citizen Science

By the Flemish Knowledge Center for Citizen Science (Scivil).

Scivil Communication Guide.pdf

Course: How to make citizen science projects

12 hours. Made by the University of Dundee under the European project We Observe.

Course: Introduction to citizen science and scientific crowdsourcing

30 hours. Made by University College London, free, open and online.